EROND® Otoscopes

General Description

EROND Otoscopes - the basic for optimal ear examination

  • a clear and bright image
  • lifelike color rendering for better diagnosis
  • working lenght ranging from 50 to 100mm with diameters of 1.9, 2.7 and 4.0mm
  • 4.0mm diameter for adult examinations; 2.7mm for infants or very tinght ear canals, 1.9mm for intertympanic examinations
Otoscopes 1.9mmPart numberWorking lengthTotal length
Autoclavable 0ºO1910000100mm160mm
Autoclavable 30ºO1910030100mm160mm


Otoscopes 2.7mmPart numberWorking lengthTotal length
Autoclavable 0ºO270750075mm125mm
Autoclavable 30ºO270753075mm125mm
Autoclavable 70ºO270757075mm125mm


Otoscopes 1.9mmPart numberWorking lengthTotal length
Non-autoclavable 0ºO40500050mm96mm
Non-autoclavable 30ºO40503050mm96mm