• EROND® Cryo maxi/mini

EROND® Cryo maxi/mini

General Description

During more than 10 years of experience in dermatology field we have decide to create the EROND® Cryo series of cryosurgical treatment units. EROND® Cryo is made on OEM basis. We strongly believe that by launching EROND® Cryo we can set standards in dermatology field. Our goal is to offer our clients the best medical equipment.

The EROND® CRYO units are available in two sizes: 

  1. EROND® Cryo MAXI (0.5 l, 20-24 hrs. static holding time)
  2. EROND® Cryo MINI (0.35l, 12-14 hrs. static holding time).

There are 2 techniques that can be used with EROND® Cryo units:

  1. Open spray tip technique: superficial/in-deep freezing
  2. Contact probe technique: in-deep freezing, minimal lateral spread

Why liquid nitrogen?

Liquid nitrogen which boils at −196°C (−320.8°F) is the most effective cryogen for clinical use.

It is particularly useful in the treatment of malignant lesions. It is needed liquid nitrogen, because you need to achieve temperatures of −25°C to −50°C within 30 seconds, if a sufficient amount of liquid nitrogen is applied by spray or probe.

We choose liquid nitrogen, because generally destruction of benign lesions requires temperatures of −20°C to −30°C. Effective removal of malignant tissue often requires temperatures of −40°C to −50°C. No other cryogenic material can do that.

Irreversible damage in treated tissue occurs because of intracellular ice formation. The degree of damage depends on the rate of cooling and the minimum temperature achieved. Inflammation develops during the 24 hours after treatment, further contributing to destruction of the lesion through immunological mediated mechanism.

Cryosurgery with liquid nitrogen is a minimally invasive procedure, and is often preferred to more traditional kinds of surgery because of its minimal pain, scarring, and cost.

Advantages of this treatment include a short preparation time, low risk of infection, and minimal wound care. In addition, cryosurgery requires no expensive supplies or injectable anesthesia, and the patient does not have to return for suture removal. Skin lesions often can be treated in a single session, although some require several treatments.

Verrucae plantarisPapillomasHypertrophic scarsWarts
Verrucae vulgarisLentigoKeloidsContagious mollusc
Verrucae seborrhoicaeMyxomasDermatofibromasLeukoplakias
Verrucae planaeNeviMalignant lentigoSenile angiomas
Basal cell carcinomaFatty hyperplasiaActinic cheilitesPointed condylomas
Seborrheic keratosesPyogenic granulomasActinic keratosesAcrochordon


Treatment times


LN2 Treatment Time

TechniqueTime (s)FTCMargin (mm)Sessions/interval (weeks)

Basal cell carcinoma

( 1-1.5cm )  

OS or CP40-9013-5

1 / -

Verrucae planae





1-2 / 3-4

Verrucae seborrhicaeOS or CP5-101-

1 / -

Verrucae vulgaris





1-3 / 3-4

Verrucae plantarisOS10-201- 21-2

2-4 / 3-4


OS= open spray   CP= contact probe    FTC= freeze/thaw cycles

Treatment times are indicative and for reference only and may vary according to the size of the spray aperture or closed contact probe used, the size and type of the lesion, the freezing distance (spray only) as well as personal preferences.

The user is encouraged to familiarize himself with spray freezing and contact probe freezing techniques as described in the user manual.

Contact probes are split into three categories: small sized, medium sized and large probes.

All probes are gold plated to facilitate cleaning and a better thermic transfer. Cervical probes are highly efficient Teflon coated contact probes for cervical freezing. The coating ensures easy detachment. Length 160 mm. Cones are used to prevent a wide spread from the EROND Cryo spray-tips.

Skin contact probesCervical probes
Sharp pointed 4mm10mm19mm Dome
1mm5mm 15mm

25mm Dome
3mm8mm 30mm25x5mm



Skin spray tips Extentions and adaptors

A tip

aperture ø 1mm

Straight spray extensionSpray tip cleaning adapter

B tip 

aperture ø 0.75mm

Bent spray extensionOpen flow restrictor

C tip 

aperture ø0.55mm

Soft peel desquamation tip  

D tip

aperture ø0.45mm

Luer lock adapter   



ConesOther accesories
LexanStorage Containers
NeopreneGaskets for Treatment Units
 Universal Roller Base
 Withdrawal Tube Filters