• EROND® Endoscopy Light Source

EROND® Endoscopy Light Source

General Description

The EROND® LED endoscopy light source has a very high efficiency and a very long life expectancy. It is intended to substitute a 250W halogen lamp fiber optical illuminator. The unparalleled long life time (>50.000hours, longer than 250 halogen lamps) makes the LED light source the most cost-efficient illuminator, and results in the fact that changing the lamp is never needed.

The EROND® LED light source is a Super Silent product. It generates no more than 30dB(A) airborne noise, four times quieter than other traditional products. The airborne noise is hardly audible, preventing the annoying noise in the operation room and providing a comfortable operating environment. 


- High quality, autoclavable, suitable for LED or Xenon light source, optional adaptor available. Standart light guide cable diameter 4.8mm, lenght 2300mm.
-  Standart accesories : High quality light guide cable, diameter 4.8mm, lenght 2300mm, autoclavable.


Light Guide Cable

High quality, autoclavable, suitable for LED or Xenon light source, optional adaptor available.

Standard light guide cable: diameter 4.8mm, lenght 2300mm

High intensity illumination for substituting a 250W halogen light source

-with the cutting-edge LED technology and innovative fiber optical design, the EROND light source can deliver more light than a 250W halogen lamp. With this light intensity, the light source can be used in most endoscopy applications. This energy saving illumination product will definitely be the future golden standard.


Unparalleled long life time of the LED lamp

The LED lamp in the EROND light source has more than 50.000 hour life time, longer than 250 halogen lamps or 100 Xenon lamps. The unparalleled long life LED solves the problem that many sellers have to spend a lot on traveling just for changing a tiny lamp for the anxious waiting doctors. The LED lamp will emit endless high intensity light without any pause or interrupt, and never be burned out suddenly as a halogen lamp. This advantage greatly reduces the chance of accidents caused by illuminating interruption during operation.


Super Silent Product

Airborne noise in the operation and examination room generated by traditional light source sometimes becomes a very annoying problem. This noise pollution may bring a potential risk to influence the operation and diagnosis.

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