• EROND® HD Hysteroscope

EROND® HD Hysteroscope

General Description

  • 2.9mm & 4.0mm with the latest rod lens technology
  • specially designed hysteroscope sheath systems adapted to the female anatomy
  • various flow-performance sheath systems enable smooth handling in gynecology

EROND HD Hysteroscope

2.9mm 0º HDautoclavable
2.9mm12º HDautoclavable
2.9mm30º HDautoclavable
4.0mm0º HDautoclavable
4.0mm12º HDautoclavable
4.0mm30º HDautoclavable

Hysteroscope single-flow diagnostic sheath
4mmRotatable stopcock270mm2.9mm30º
4mmRotatable stopcock270mm2.9mm0º
5mmRotatable stopcock270mm4.0mm30º
5mmRotatable stopcock270mm4.0mm0º

Hysteroscope continous-flow diagnostic sheath
Inner sheathOuter sheathStopcockWorking lenght Scope
4mm x267mm2.9mm30º
4mm x267mm2.9mm0º/12º
4mm obturator   
5.4mm x260mm4.0mm30º
5.4mm x260mm4.0mm0º/12º
5.4mm obturator   



Hysteroscope compact single-flow operating sheath
5mm5 Fr. working channelpear shaped248mm2.9mm30º  
5mmObturatorpear shaped 

Hysteroscope compact high-flow operating sheath
5mm5 Fr. working channel212mm2.9mm30º
5mm5 Fr. working channel212mm2.9mm12º


Hysteroscope continous-flow operating sheath
Inner sheathOuter sheathStopcockWorking lenght ScopeShapeColor
5Fr.working ch.5.0mm 192mm   white

5Fr.working ch

5.0mm 235mm   turquoise
5Fr.working ch6.5mm 192mm