Examination table with bent steel frame

General Description

Material: electrostatically white painted steel pipe
Various colors available
Upholstery color: various colors available
Mattress: 6 cm polyurethane sponge upholstered with antibacterial eco-leather
Adjustable headrest in 10 positions with 0-45 degrees inclination with 120 kg loading capacity
Legs fitted with no scratch pads
Size (LxWxH): 190x65x78 cm
Steel leg stabilizers with 2 screws
Total thickness of mattress: 8 cm
Netto weight: 29 kg
Maximum load: 200 kg

Optional accessories:   SS-P-0 -Infusion stand   SP-P-0-Paper roll holder   SM-P-0-Disposable glove holder   SSP-0 - Goepel leg support   SC-0 Stairs