EROND® Cryo maxi/mini

General Description

During more than 10 years of experience in dermatology field we have decide to create the EROND® Cryo series of cryosurgical treatment units. EROND® Cryo is made on OEM basis. We strongly believe that by launching EROND® Cryo we can set standards in dermatology field. Our goal is to offer our clients the best medical equipment.

The EROND® CRYO units are available in two sizes: 

  1. EROND® Cryo MAXI (0.5 l, 20-24 hrs. static holding time)
  2. EROND® Cryo MINI (0.35l, 12-14 hrs. static holding time).

There are 2 techniques that can be used with EROND® Cryo units:

  1. Open spray tip technique: superficial/in-deep freezing
  2. Contact probe technique: in-deep freezing, minimal lateral spread

Verrucae plantaris Papillomas Hypertrophic scars Warts
Verrucae vulgaris Lentigo Keloids Contagious mollusc
Verrucae seborrhoicae Leukoplakias
Verrucae planae Nevi Malignant lentigo