Organizing private medical practices

General description


As private medical practices and clinics have appeared the quality standard of the medical services have risen. It is willing that in the near future Romania would also raise to the EU standers in what medical services is concerned. By implementing Europe wide accepted accredited systems of the health services conditions of free circulation of patients will be set. Patients will be able to access medical services across the EU. A database will be made of all the accredited private practices on the EU territory from what the patient itself can chose.



EROND is providing consultancy and support in organizing the medical practices as follows:


  • Authorizing and accrediting (eg: implementing quality standards as ISO 9001, standards set by ANMCS, laboratory standards set by RENAR, standards of the environment standards ISO 14001, standards of health and safety of the workers OHSAS 18001, information safety standard ISO/IEC 27001 etc.)

  • Carrying out the necessary documents and consultancy in implementation

  • Preparing for external audit and monitoring

  • Accurate presentation of you services

  • Carrying out marketing campaigns

  • Building, extending, renovation of spaces by giving a personalized design

  • Supplying with the necessary assets, including on-line commercializing instruments;

  • Purchasing the correct medical equipment, furniture, work stations, IT equipment etc.


EROND offers support in producing new medical equipment and launching on the Romanian market:


  • Research and development support

  • Carrying out documentation and implementing ISO13485:2016 standards


We offer support in:


  • authorizing you medical unit

  • attracting  clinical studies

  • launching clinical studies, training on the studies or of good practice

  • implementing clinical studies

  • preparing for audit or monitoring

  • consulting in protocol change or other cases

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Clinical studies are a very contemporary subject in the Romanian medical sphere. More and more medical doctors are aware of the fact that by taking an active role in clinical studies, they have easy access to latest information, recent therapies and also a funding source for their private practices, medical centers where they perform their activity.

Medical studies represent an advantage for the patience themselves, especially when accessing the innovative therapies.

However in comparison to other EU countries, the number of medical doctors and medical clinics that participate to clinical studies is very low in Romania. This is due to several reasons:  complex bureaucracy in authorizing the private practices, low informational level from authorities and difficulty of attracting the clinical studies.

EROND together with our IMETICS partners offers you complete solution and support in authorizing clinical studies. Moreover we intend to attract studies in which you would be the main investigator.

The main pillar of our activity is Site Management: medical unit qualification and authorization, management and support, attracting clinical studies

Our Site Management service can be beneficial also in the case when the clinical study is already authorized, as the number of researchers is very low. It is not rare that one team participates to several studies in the same time, which acquires full time personnel. In these cases we can support you as well.

Administrative work is very unpleasant and could be treated superficially by the researchers. Completing the necessary documents takes time and very often is postponed or made with errors. During an inspection or audit the most commonly found problems are generated by the lack of time spent on quality control.